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Thai Massage - Relax, at Nong Khai Hotel Pantawee.

Pantawee Spa & Health Center

  Pantawee Spa & Health Center

Pantawee Spa & Health Center

Is it in the eye of the beholder? Is it in the soul? Is it skin deep? Yes, all of those and more. The truth is our genes determine how we look. We inherit from our parents our physical attributes but it is up to us.

  • how we nurture what we have inherited
  • how we emphasize certain features
  • and how we look after them and present them to the world.

To achieve the best results we must look to help from the experts. The Spa and Massage service is already famous - all of our staff are trained at the World famous Wat Po in Thai Traditional Massage.

Their expertise in Thai Traditional massage, facial, foot and full body treatment has brought many customers back time and time again to relieve the stress in their bodies.

  Pantawee Spa & Royal Massage

Pantawee Spa & Health Center - Royal Massage

There has been a new development that will benefit those with physical distress, those whom only practitioners of medical physiotherapy can treat.

The Pantawee Spa's staff attended a course in Royal Massage, medical physiotherapy with emphasis on knowledge of the body's skeletal and muscular system.

With their training at Wat Po and two years of practical experience at the Pantawee Spa meant that our staff's knowledge of the human body put them well in advance of other students. These talented individuals gained their diplomas in one week.

The Pantawee Spa staff are now qualified to practice Royal Massage, an essential treatment for injured muscles, skeletal fractures, tendons and so on to aid recovery to full physical activity.

The Pantawee Spa is now the only facility in all of North-East Thailand to provide this combination of techniques and service.


Our guests are welcome to use our 24 Hours health massage and beauty salon services for face, shoulder, calf, knee, neck, thigh, foot, body, Thai Traditional health massage and more.

The Centre is near the Pantawee Hotel entrance. Open 24/7. Our new Massage Parlour is opposite the main entrance across the road.

We also do hairdressing for women and haircuts for men.

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Thai Massage - Relax

Thai Massage that works, at Nong Khai Hotel Pantawee.

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