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Tour Thailand, Laos, Vietnam - Puy-Fay - Nong Khai.

Pantawee - Puy-Fay Tours.

  Pantawee - Puy-Fay Tours.

Pantawee - Puy-Fay Tours. Let you see Asia.

At Puy-Fay Tour, we organize express transportation services from Nongkhai to Vientiane. Distance is about 25 kilometres.

If you want to just go to the border to get your passport stamped to get a month stay without Visa in Thailand, we can arrange around trip transportation to the border for you. Cost 1500.- Baht.


1) Air-plane, bus and train ticket booking service.
2) Ticket confirmation and limousine to the airport.
3) Motorcycles for rent at 200 baht per day.
4) Bicycles for rent at 50 baht per day.
5) Van with experienced driver at 2,000 baht per day.
6) Car (4 doors pick up ) with an experienced driver at 1,500 baht per day.

First class insurance is included plus 200.000 baht extra cover per passenger. Benzine or gasoline costs are not included.

  Puy-Fay Makes Tours... to:

Vietnam - Hanoi.

VienTiane Laos PDR.

VangVieng Laos PDR.

Luang Prabang Laos PDR.

Nam Ngum Dam, Laos PDR.

Nong Khai Province, Thailand.

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The Villa
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Puy-Fay Tour
Puy-Fay Tour
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Luang Prabang
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Nong Khai
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Tour Thailand, Laos, Vietnam with Puy-Fay Tours Nong Khai.

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